AI from my perspective is a good doc assistant.

In the past, there are documents that everybody needs to refer to to get sample code, explanations.

But AI is trained using those.

Any basic code is openbox ready already. But  as to how to organize in a large scale or solutions, AI can find documents or posts, but most often those are incomplete. Still need someone who knows those well to wire things up.

So, if you have ideas, be sure to specify detailed and specific enough so AI can just output whatever you want. Programming language is already not a concern.

But it takes experience to reach to such level. AI prompts need to be tuned again and again cause people are most often not that considerable I am afraid, even who has rich experience in development. 

Besides,designs, common mistakes such as error checking, null/nil defending, still needs programmers to be aware of.   AI may not know design well since that needs some theory to support.