ReactJS is so popular that it is used in many areas, including mobile react native, etc.

But both MVVM framework, what is the differenece between reactJS and calosjs?

First I'd like to talk about ReactJS from my perspective.

  1. ReactJS component: reactJs inherits from react.component

  2. JSX: this is the script that will be translated into javascript and dom

  3. eventBinding: react uses javascript Bind method to change the THIS pointer of method

  4. Interactions: there are 3 types of interactions between components, mother->child, child->mother, friends, either by setting properties, or callbacks, or use global data solutions such as React.Context, or EventBus

  5. Http communication: using redux

  6. Layout template

  7. routing and navigation

  8. refs: refs is to connect dom etc.

  9. useState

How to create a React webapp:

  1. scarfold ReactJS project

  2. Layout Components

  3. Router

  4. Redux

I think the above are the basic traits of ReactJS.

How is CalosJS?

It is quite simple, supporting multi-instancing in the same page.

  1. App instance

  2. router & global

  3. symbols

  4. Http ajax, ajaxQueue,hooks

  5. refs

  6. callPlugin

  7. page templates